Monday, July 03, 2006


Hey fellow writers,

Working on my second novel and need encouragement. The plot is all worked out, but my style is still "arriving." I want to experiment. I feel myself going more impressionistic. Come on, cheer me on...



Blogger Kevin C. said...

Yea, Angela! You go girl. Hang in there.

Finding your "voice" can only be done by doing what most only talk about doing -- namely, writing and re-writing. The difference between an amateur writer and a professional is the professional never quit. If you're on your second project -- you're obviously NOT a quitter.

Re: "Impressionistic" ... that may not be bad thing, either. Just be aware that the more "literary" you become in your approach the less popular or commercial the project tends to become.

One question you need to ask yourself: who are you writing for and why? Are you writing mainly for yourself (self-expression), or do you have a larger audience in mind.

Please share your story outline, a synopsis, or specific passage, etc. We'd love to see more!

Bravo, Ange! (P.S. I want signed/autographed copy when it's delivered...)

3:10 PM  
Blogger Kevin C. said...

Ange, post script:

Be sure to contact "Theresa Cianciolo" (who is also listed as a contributor, now, on our site).

Theresa, I know, is working on a novel, and would be a great source of encouragement to you, as well!

Best wishes...

3:46 PM  
Blogger daledurden said...

Hey All!

Kevin, how are you my friend! Finished my first novel in September...well, the bulk of it. Putting some finishing touches on it these days. I, too, could use some cheering on.



1:18 PM  

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